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Here’s how I help my clients:

“We are facing constant internal pressure and it’s hard to keep a positive attitude.”

“The demand and stress have affected our team’s mental health.”

“We want a way to reignite our team’s morale and job satisfaction.”

As you embrace positivity, possibilities naturally emerge.

Hi, I’m Dr. Greg MacLuckie!

At the age of 29, I became a licensed doctor of chiropractic. I ran a successful, busy practice, met the love of my life and had twin daughters while being active in sports.

I taught my patients how important it was to have a positive mindset. Little did I know that a horrific accident would force me to put my beliefs to the test.

My life was a testing ground for the effectiveness of positivity.

In 2012, I was struck violently by a car while crossing the street. I lost all vital signs, and broke multiple bones. I was dead on the scene until a passerby revived me.

I was in a coma for 30 days and lived in the hospital for 6 more months. Doctors gave me a 50% chance of living one more year.

I spent the next decade using positivity to help me rebuild my mind and body.

While no longer in active chiropractic practice, I now teach others to instill positivity in their lives no matter the circumstances.

Today, I work with leaders and organizations helping them find solutions to the challenges they face.

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I discovered that positivity is a mindset.

“We are always in charge of the meaning we give to an event, situation or relationship. Not only did I survive a traumatic accident, I am now thriving with my permanent life altering injuries. I have learned that positivity is a choice. It is now my mission to help people make that same choice everyday.”

My most popular presentations

Every speech is highly customizable to specific needs

Winners have one thing in common – a positive mindset. All stories of tragedy leading to success exhibit this universal truth. Yet many people are unable to manufacture this mindset when facing major or minor challenges. In this captivating keynote, Dr Greg tells his remarkable story of recovery and triumph through positivity. He demonstrates how we are in charge of the meaning we give to any event in our lives. Dr. Greg shares practical and powerful strategies anyone can use to develop a winning mindset in the face of every challenge.

Everyone deals with bad news at some point in their lives. As a result, professional and personal lives can suffer. In this enlightening presentation, Dr. Greg illustrates why it is not only ineffective to run from bad news, but also how adversity, challenges and setbacks in life can help us build resilience. The unconventional secret is to actually look for bad news everyday as a tool to reframe our mindset, so we can be happier and achieve greater success.

Change is the only constant today. The pandemic has fractured the way we work. Entire industries have completely disappeared while new ones have emerged. In this inspiring speech, Dr. Greg demonstrates how to effectively manage, adapt and thrive during the disruption that has become part of everyday life. He shows how to develop the positive mindset needed for facing the endless uncertainty and ongoing upheaval in today’s changing workplace.

Benefits of working with Dr. Greg


After attending one of these presentations the audience will leave with:

Techniques to drive up positivity they can take home and implement immediately.

A new positive mindset they will adopt in all areas of their life.

Greater happiness as they discover their own strengths.

Greater team productivity enabled by a new confidence to overcome different obstacles.

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